Bizkit Havas is a hybrid media agency owned by the founders here in Sweden together with international media group Havas Media. We work with everything in media that leads to sales for our clients. We have expertise in bought and earned media, strategies and content  and we are happy to help you with digital as well as analog media, all kinds of search, digital CRM and digital production.

In the latest ranking of the best agencies in Sweden done by magazine Dagens Industri and Regis, we were again rated as number one. We are happy and proud about that, but not satisfied. Every day we work hard to get even better.

The media landscape changes quickly today, a lot faster than it did just a few years ago. This places great demands on us to both be in the forefront and develop ourselves and to additionally master all the specialist expertise we have today that our customers demand.

From an international perspective, Sweden has a very sophisticated media landscape. Bizkit Havas has a strong Nordic platform, as well as an international network. As a Swedish agency, we take our starting point from perhaps the world’s most developed media country, in a rapidly changing media landscape. It is a lovely and challenging basis for us. It is critical for our clients that we stay in the front when it comes to exploiting the interaction between digital and traditional media. It is in that dynamic, and in that integration, that things happen. Therein lays the future, at least as far as we can foresee today.

Please feel free to come by for a cup of coffee and talk about your challenges. We are perfectly harmless. We don’t bite.

Johan Eidmann
CEO, Bizkit Havas



Clients – Recent & Present

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