BizkitHavas is one of Sweden’s leading media and advertising agencies.We are a hybrid agency that is owned by the world’s largest communication and content group, Havas, which can be found in over 100 countries. The mix of the Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and great international capabilities, creates an exciting culture and great flexibility in our customer care.

The agency has 80 employees in Sweden, 150 in the Nordic region and 20 000 people around the world.Bizkit was founded in 2001 and works with all media, both digital and analog, and has a fully integrated creative team. We are media and advertising specialists, which means we help our customers with the purchase of media, performance, creative creation, negotiations, strategies, ideas, and other issues related to our business. All to make our customers sell more, every day.The media landscape is changing rapidly, much faster now than just a few years ago. This requiresus to be at the forefront, to develop and also to master all the specialist skills needed today, and that our customers demand. Sweden has an extremely sophisticated and digitized media landscape from an international perspective. Here we have created a leading role and we work hard to defend it. BizkitHavas has a strong local Swedish position, a Nordic coordinated platform and a major international network. None of these features exclude each other but are used and adapted to the individual need of our clients. What is crucial for us, together with our customers, is that we are in the lead of exploiting the interaction between digital and traditional media and of the advertising we add to this.  It is in that dynamic, and in that integration, it happens. This is where the future lays, at least as far as we can see today.For us it is important, not to say absolutely crucial, that our employees have a good and balanced life. This in order for them to feel good, and to be able to do high quality work the time they spend at BizkitHavas. Therefore, the balance between work and personal life is vital and something we work hard and actively to obtain. We want to take responsibility for our employees and give them the opportunity to be healthy, prosperous and professional people.

Johan Eidmann
CEO, Bizkit Havas