Fruit salad is good.

Fruit is good, right? Banana, apple, clementine, watermelon, papaya and so on. Each of them tastes fresh, delicious, and has a high nutritional value. But, when you mix them all together to a colorful fruit salad, magic happens. Top it off with some fluffy whipped cream, and life doesn’t need much more than that.

Bizkit Havas the fruit salad of the web.

Bizkit Havas kind of works like that. We are not just a media agency. Not just a web agency. Nor just a search agency. Or a social media agency. Or an affiliate agency.

We sort of smacked at all together under one roof. But not only that, they all have the same wallet, sit together and have the same corporate culture. We are not spread out over several floors, or have different bosses. Everybody works together, all day long. We have a firm belief that a great many, many things are interrelated and influence each other. The probability that the whole picture becomes clearer and better, should increase if all pieces have a chance to cooperate.

Concretely, we do almost everything that concerns media and communication. We plan media, buy sponsored SEM, handle affiliate programs, make banners, develop websites, make camping sites, make mobile apps, run Facebook pages, develop strategies (that are understandable), make viral films, web content, program formats and a whole lot of other things.

Messy, oh no!

But, now you are thinking, won’t that get a little messy? Well, for you as a client, the biggest advantage is that you will never get a challengeable recommendation, i.e. because we have all the parts under one roof, it will never matter to us where the money ends up. We can give the recommendation to best suit you and your needs.  And, the purely practical aspect should not be underestimated. You get an agency that can take care of all the fruits and ensure that they together give a high nutritional value.

But what about the cream?

A lot of fruit talk, but what happened to the cream? Well, the cream is the people who work here. We are sweet, fluffy and shapeable.